Please note: This scavenger hunt is a work of historical fiction and not associated with the AGO. Any questions relating to the product, location, etc. should be directed to Urban Capers.


Over a hundred years ago, Tom Thomson, Canadian outdoorsman and iconic artist, mysteriously disappeared into the mists of Algonquin Park. On the anniversary of his death, an Arts and Culture journalist is digging into the cold case when she uncovers a startling connection between Thomson’s suspicious death and a forgotten secret hidden by the Toronto art world.

Along the way, she unearths a much older mystery: the long lost trove of Leonardo Da Vinci. The famed artist was rumoured to have hidden a personal collection of art, sculpture, journals and inventions, the location of which went to the grave with him. He left behind clues, of course, but the code has never been cracked and the location never found…until now.

Sift through our journalists’ private notes, uncover new evidence, and separate fact from fiction as you unravel an age old mystery that has haunted the art world for centuries.

Tickets allow entry to the Art Gallery of Ontario.

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Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by Urban Capers hunt hosts and receive a hunt package that includes a clue book and a map. Our hosts will then provide an orientation and get players excited before sending them off on the hunt!

Teams have two hours to explore the gallery, seek out answers to clues, solve the mystery, and complete all challenges.

After the two hours, teams return to the finish location, where their answers are scored and a winner is declared. The winner receives the coveted Golden Magnifying Glass (and bragging rights!)

Players as young as 14 have participated on our hunts, however, the hunts are designed to be tricky! We recommend younger players be partnered with an adult time.
If you would like to get in touch, please send an email to, or call 647 852 6444.
No, there will be a sign-in sheet for those registered. If you are transferring your ticket to another person, they must bring your ticket.
Once you have purchased a ticket for an event, our people go into action, printing off materials, lining up staff for the event day and purchasing admission tickets if a museum or other institution is involved. Because of this, we do not offer refunds. However, your ticket is transferrable. So, if you can’t make it, you can give your ticket to someone else to bring to the event.
Yes, at the end of the hunt, we will present the winning team with the much coveted golden magnifying glass (1 per team).