Tales of intrigue, betrayal, and revenge abound on this scavenger hunt after dark through Toronto’s most haunted places… Bring a flashlight and a steady nerve as you uncover some of prim Toronto’s grisly past.

From the mass graveyard at Yorkville to the insane asylum which now houses our esteemed members of parliament, to the residences of some of this country’s founding fathers (some of whom are still hanging around) you will seek out answers to tricky trivia questions while uncovering the spicier side of old Toronto.

Teams of two to six people compete to collect the most correct answers within the time limit.



Hunts take two hours, with some additional time beforehand for waiver-signing and instructions and afterwards for tallying the scores, for a total of 2 1/2 hours. Bonus points are given for most creative and clever team name, so start thinking!

This hunt takes place entirely outdoors, rain or shine. Please come prepared with a water bottle and comfortable shoes. You’ll be covering a lot of territory.

Haunted Toronto is a historical scavenger hunt through the darker side of history (not fiction).

YES on the hunt:
– Toronto history
– national level history
– learning about famous figures from the past
– statues, monuments
– gothic architecture, stone carvings, gargoyles
– physical remnants of history
– some ghost stories
– some stories of murder and betrayal
– some stories of heroism in the face of adversity
– purportedly true ghost stories
– true and real history: some of it dark and grisly, some of it dark and funny
– 8000 steps OR a 3-4 km walk: wear good shoes / boots and dress for the weather. It’s getting colder!
– approximately 20 tricky questions, one at each of the sites you need to find

NO, not on the hunt:
– no actors
– nothing fake
– no zombies or vampires
– no ghosts that you will see
– no fake blood, no fake hauntings

Our Haunted scavenger hunts can be a tad grisly for some. Some of the clues and references will be over kids’ heads and they can get frustrated. Participants as young as 11 have taken part with their parents and had a great time so at the end of the day, it is up to the parent / grandparent / guardian / cool aunt or uncle.
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