Outdoor Holiday Hunt

Our Outdoor Holiday Hunt has your staff playing in teams of their own family or friend bubble, in the great outdoors, either downtown on “Main Street” or in the winter wonderland of a park – anywhere. Players complete fun, creative, and sometimes outrageous challenges, while stopping along the way for some warm holiday cheer. 

To keep the group connected, all players receive a live feed of the other teams’ adventures, so everyone is playing together while remaining physically distant. Sample “challenges” include:

  • We provide the caption, you capture the photo. The caption is: “Santa’s not going to like that!” Now, what’s the photo?
  • Take a picture with Santa (no, Santa? Improvise!)
  • Find the food truck and eat a Beaver Tail
  • Find the twinkly lights and have a portrait taken (we arrange the photographer)

To support local, we’ll work with you to set a favourite cafe as a mid-hunt stop for teams to warm up and get some holiday cheer.

Outdoor bookings must comply with all local health recommendations regarding social distancing and wearing masks. Our event planners will plan a backup At Home Virtual Holiday Party as a backup plan in case local health recommendations change between time of booking and time of event.

Please contact us at groupsales@urbancapers.com to discuss your event or make a booking.