Uncover history, folklore, graffiti and street foods of the world in this scavenger hunt through Toronto’s most multicultural corner. Explore early Toronto architecture, haunted locales, vintage shops and ethnic markets – all while answering our tricky trivia questions.

This is a two-in-one adventure: answer the tricky questions found on other Urban Capers scavenger hunts while noshing nibbles for extra points.

Tickets are $65.00 + HST per person for everything your group will need to enjoy the hunt, including a $15 food allowance for each player, so they can taste whatever catches their eye.

Inquire about an event

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    Player Capacity

    This hunt can handle groups from 20 to 75.

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    Date and Time

    Choose any date and start time for this hunt, 7 days a week, any time of day.

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    Kensington Chinatown Caper is $65/person plus HST. This includes a $15 food allowance.

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    Event Time

    3 hours – 2.5 hours for the hunt and 30 mins for intro/conclusion.

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    Caper Type

    The hunt involves individual clues and is focused on history and food.


The Kensington Chinatown Caper allows players to sample from a ton of fantastic options in Kensington Market and nearby Chinatown.

Rather than pre-order one item for everyone, we provide each player with a $15 food allowance and a long list of suggestions. That way everyone can try what they want, and share their discoveries with the group.


Teams receive a hunt package:
a clue book, restaurant list, map, etc. Our hosts get players in the mood and ready to play and then send them off!

Teams have two hours to explore the area, tracking down and solving clues, seeking answers and completing challenges.

To wrap up, teams are scored, a winner is declared. The winner receives the coveted Golden Magnifying Glass.

Yes, the Kensington Chinatown Caper is a perfect introduction to Urban Capers.
Your group will all meet in one spot to be given a detailed introduction by our hunt hosts, but once the hunt starts, groups will separate into smaller teams to solve the mystery. We have created multiple routes for each hunt, with different starting points, so teams will not be not be following one another.
Once you have decided on a date and time, and spoken with our dedicated event planners, and are ready to book, we have a simple process. We ask for a 50% deposit on your estimated player count, which secured the booking. From there, you have up to a week before the event to adjust your headcount.
Our hunts are finely tuned and well tested to ensure maximum fun for all. Therefore, we do not encourage changes to the hunt route, or specific questions.

We are happy to change the start or ending location to suit your needs, and include special announcements in the introduction or conclusion.

Yes, at the end of the hunt, we will present the winning team with the much coveted golden magnifying glass (1 per team.)

However, some groups prefer to offer additional prizes to the winning team, or even to all participants. If you wish to do so, you can simply give the prizes to our hunt hosts at the beginning of the event and they will award them to the winners at the end of the hunt.