(STAY) Home for the Holidays Virtual Christmas

Weather outside too frightful? Luckily, the inside is so delightful!  Let everyone stay home, and be connected through the power of play.  In this at-home scavenger hunt game, teams complete creative challenges using only their wits and what they have around them, including spouses, toddlers, pets, instruments, and that rare collection of Star Wars figurines. We’ve crafted a game that lets you play in real life, while working together virtually to score points as a team.

  • I Triple-Dog-Dare You! Dress a teammate’s leg like the iconic leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Get lit!
  • Get stuffed! Stuff a teammate’s socks full of festive items…while they’re still wearing them.
  • Create a meal fit for Buddy the Elf, with candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. Bonus points if you eat it! 
  • That’s a Wrap: Record your team speed-wrapping a Christmas present! Bonus points if you rap about your speedy skills. 

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